August 4, 2022

Seattle Rugby Club x RugbyWorks

A few key principles of rugby are teamwork, discipline, enjoyment, sportsmanship, and respect. This is what makes rugby players an integral part to any work environment, and why Seattle Rugby Club is partnering with RugbyWorks. Are you an employer looking to employ ruggers? RugbyWorks will match you with employees that fit well within your company. Check them out to find some of the hardest working athletes, both on and off the pitch.

“We are proud to Partner with RugbyWorks to help our players and our rugby community find opportunities for careers and employment. We want players to continue their journey playing and we believe helping them with employment will help make that happen. In turn this helps our program and other programs in the PNW and reduces people drifting away from the game and the community." - Kellen Gordon, Seattle Men’s Director of rugby

“RugbyWorks' goal is to formalize what rugby has always done organically and support those involved in rugby. RugbyWorks hopes to make this support sustainable for all those involved in our sport from high school and collegiate graduates to alumni looking for a career change. At the same time RugbyWorks is a resource for employers looking for good employees. Historically employers who are linked to rugby have reaped the rewards of hiring rugby people and now we want to share that with a wider audience and show how rugby players can be good employees embodying values such as honesty, teamwork, respect and hard work.“ - Jennifer Flynn, RugbyWorks Director of operations

About the Seattle Rugby Club

Established in 1966, Seattle Rugby Club (formerly known as Seattle OPSB and Seattle Saracens) is an adult rugby union club focused on the fifteens code of the global game. Seattle Rugby proudly promotes the sport of rugby in North America both on and off the pitch through community-focused efforts as well as performing on game day. The club provides opportunities for men, women, and young people to engage with rugby at all levels.