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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are awarded to players, coaches, volunteers, or anyone involved with Seattle Rugby Club.

Our current awardees have demonstrated commitment and unity to our program and are very involved with the community. Involvement includes everything from mentoring youth programs, supporting local charities, and volunteering their time to support the program wherever needed.

Our program wouldn’t be where it is today without the support from our awardees. We cannot thank you enough and look forward to continue the tradition of this honor.

Seattle Rugby Club

Award Winners


Aaron Lee

Aaron has played PNW rugby from youth through to adult rugby and represented many clubs in the PNW. Aaron has always been passionate about making opportunities for people to play the sport and succeed on and off the field. After retiring from playing Aaron actually increased his commitment to the sport by stepping up to be on the leadership for youth rugby in the PNW by being on the board of Rugby Washington. Aaron has spearheaded many initiatives to support local youth growth and contuse to do so by volunteering his time to provide opportunities for youth in our region.


Liz Kirk

Liz Kirk is a legend of USA rugby. Liz has played and coached the club for decades. She is now the Director of rugby for the women’s program at SRC and sits on the board for the XVSeries. Liz has coached the national team and represented the USA on and off the field on more occasions than one can count. a hugely respected member of the rugby community and has mentored so many men through her commitment and by setting an example for all of us to follow.


Jeff and Laurie Blakley

Jeff and Laurie do not come from a traditional rugby background but since the Seawolves introduced them to rugby in the PNW back in 2015 they found their way to the clubs. Ever since then, they have been invaluable in helping the club in many ways. They are #1 fans and support by volunteering at so many events and game days so that the players and coaches can focus on rugby. Both of them have truly become a stalwart in the PNW rugby community willing to help all the time.


Kellen Gordon

Kellen Gordon is a product of the PNW and has played from youth to adult amateur and pro in the PNW. Kellen has volunteered his time for many years helping coach local youth and developing better young men and women in the PNW. He is a constant with volunteering in other aspects of the club's community outreach programs and is also currently the Director of rugby for the men's program at the club.


Ryan Youngman

US Army veteran, men's club player, Seattle Seawolves 2019, and now the head coach for Seattle Rugby club. Ryan has served the rugby community in the PNW and volunteered his time for many years. Ryan is also active with our veteran's programs helping military veterans and their families throughout the year who may need assistance with various things, especially over the holidays.


Brian Power

Brian came to the club from the Seattle Seawolves .Brian had no rugby background and was immediately attracted to the club when he noticed the community aspects and how the club wanted to support its members . His medical group Physical Therapy Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, WA - MTI Physical Therapy ( has been a backbone of our medical support for the club . Brian has volunteered his time and his services and those of his company to support rugby in the PNW. He has donated to the club on many occasions to support its community programs.


Carly MacKinnon

Carly is a long standing player who has been with the club for many years. She volunteers in many of the community programs. Carly helps the club with all aspects of social media and helps spread the word.


Dave Enright

Dave is an army veteran who has stepped up to support the men's team as manager. He helps out anywhere he can and commits his time to all community programs .


Isaiah Chinen

Isiah is a Hawaii native. He has been part of the men’s program for many years. Isiah is a loyal member of our community and volunteers his time in many of the club community programs . He has helped coach and mentor youth programs and now runs his own non-profit with two other players called The Canvas Collective.


Lauren Barber

Lauren is a long standing member of the club who has played and coached at many levels. She volunteers her time for the development of youth rugby. Lauren is currently helping run the youth rugby organization.


Nick Punimata

Nick is an Army Veteran and a friend of rugby in the PNW. He has helped connect the club to many active service and veteran military organizations. Nick has mentored willingly and unknowingly many of our members through his stewardship and his stories. Nick is on the club council as our Military lIaison.


Oli Kilifi

Olive is a legend in the PNW. He has played youth rugby throughout his life and has become a pillar in our community. Oli has volunteered his time with youth organizations and our community programs for 10+ years. He is currently is Utah but still represents everything Seattle is about.


Scott Dean

Scott has been a member of the club since leaving Central Washington University. Scott was asked to oversee all the deliveries for Fine Dine Front Lines charity. Fine Dine Front Lines delivered over 14,000 meals with our rugby players volunteering their time.