August 18, 2018

Seattle Saracens Announce New Brand & New Logo

The Seattle Saracens Rugby Club is proud to announce our new brand and logo.


The aim of Seattle Saracens Rugby Club is to be a highly successful amateur rugby club which our supporters and members can be proud of, now and for many years to come. Success on the field and off the field go hand in hand.


In the spring of 2018, Seattle Saracens commenced a review of our partnership with the London based Saracens Global Network and our brand, including the Seattle Saracens brand values. The decision to not renew the Global Network partnership with Saracens was fully endorsed by the Seattle Saracens Executive Team and Board of Directors.


Owning the Seattle Saracens brand 100% was seen as a key element in terms of the future success of the club. Seattle Saracens history is a rich one and over the years we have changed our brand a couple of times to remain relevant as the club developed and ensure we can provide rugby for everyone possible.


Club President, Kevin Flynn comments, "We feel it is time to go back to our roots and use the emblem of an Orca, which is very similar to the original emblem when the club was formed in 1966. We believe it is a strong and relevant image that represents us in the Pacific Northwest, resonates with our supporters and will stand the test of time going forward whilst recognizing our heritage."


VP of Business, Gareth Wade added, "From 18th August 2018, the logo will be gradually integrated across Seattle Saracens communications. The intention is to feature the logo across the majority of our communications by the start of the 2018/2019 season.


However, we recognize that the Star & Crescent Moon logo is present in many places so we are realistic that the old logo will still be featured in some places and we do not expect our partners to change everything overnight. We are also of course extremely proud of our history and heritage so the previous logos will remain present in all our historical imagery. However, any new communications from this point forward will now be developed with our new logo and brand assets."

About the Seattle Rugby Club

Established in 1966, Seattle Rugby Club (formerly known as Seattle OPSB and Seattle Saracens) is an adult rugby union club focused on the fifteens code of the global game. Seattle Rugby proudly promotes the sport of rugby in North America both on and off the pitch through community-focused efforts as well as performing on game day. The club provides opportunities for men, women, and young people to engage with rugby at all levels.