July 26, 2022

35 Coaches From 15 Area Programs Learn The Crusaders Way

On July 21st-23rd, the Seattle Rugby Club hosted a Crusaders event where youth, college students and adults got to learn the "Crusader Way" to building a successful rugby program.

Thursday’s classroom and field day focused on the Crusader way and translating it to local rugby. On Friday, the Crusaders taught collegiate and adult rugby players about creating a winning environment in amateur and professional rugby. The last day of the camp focused on youth but incorporated all ages later in the day. 

“The opportunity to learn from the Crusaders was amazing. The knowledge that they provided around the tactical rugby skills was great but the passion around creating better people and clubs was invaluable. The tools that I was able to pick up will not only improve my coaching but me as an individual. It's no wonder why the Crusaders are considered one of the best clubs in the world” - Rugby Washington President { Youth }

Rugby players and coaches were educated on how to implement processes and engage the community to help develop the individual and the organization. Coaches were taught some approaches to set pieces, breakdown, communication, lines of running, scanning techniques, leadership, and the catch/pass/tackle technique. 

“This past weekend was very enjoyable and educational. The Crusader's knowledge is hugely valuable to all ages on and off the field. It was a really collaborative event. Every coach was working together to be a better leader for when they get back to their program . These clinics need to happen more in the Us to help all rugby grow . Thank you Seattle RC for hosting and I look forward to implementing what I learned.” - Mike Brown, Seattle Seawolves Player

The overall three day course and field days were a huge success.Coaches and administrators commented on how they would be adjusting their programs to help increase participation and retention of players. Many of them also mentioned how they want to change to provide a better environment for those involved based on what was learned in the Crusaders course. 

The Seattle Rugby Club would love to thank the following for their support in making this event happen - 

About the Seattle Rugby Club

Established in 1966, Seattle Rugby Club (formerly known as Seattle OPSB and Seattle Saracens) is an adult rugby union club focused on the fifteens code of the global game. Seattle Rugby proudly promotes the sport of rugby in North America both on and off the pitch through community-focused efforts as well as performing on game day. The club provides opportunities for men, women, and young people to engage with rugby at all levels.