Why Do We Play Rugby?

We love rugby. We are passionate about rugby. You might find it strange but rugby isn’t just about smashing your opponents and winning at all costs. It’s not that winning isn’t important but rugby has always grounded itself around camaraderie, honesty, loyalty, hard work, commitment, teamwork, discipline, and respect. Other sports often aspire to such ideals; we at Seattle Saracens Rugby Club strive to exemplify and live by them. We believe that saying that you are a rugby player defines who you are, saying that you play rugby only defines what you do on a Saturday afternoon.

Rugby is not just a game. Rugby is a way of life, a community, a tangible ethos that binds players together. Over 4 million people play rugby in over 115 countries. There is a “global rugby code” that permeates all aspects of the game. The game requires players, fans, and supporters to respect it, and thus respect the opposition.


We may play against our opponents with aggression, determination, and strength, but regardless of what happened during 80 minutes on the field, we will genuinely thank him or her, (and the referee), for a game well played after the final whistle blows. Moreover, post-game, the bonhomie, and camaraderie will most likely be cemented and celebrated together over food and drinks.

A rugby club is a community, a living, breathing entity that is run by and exists for the benefit of all; players, fans, and supporters. The players might make the team but the members make the club.

Why Should You Play Rugby?

1. Be fit and healthy

We encourage participation from all ages 6 to 65, whatever your ability. It’s a fun way to make the first significant steps towards developing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

2. Be social

Have fun! Participation in rugby stimulates inclusion and interaction. It builds self-confidence and forges friendships and develops core values such as integrity and respect that are characteristic of rugby.

3. Be prepared

Through participation and structured coaching, rugby develops the key mental skills of self-control, concentration, discipline, decision making, and leadership. These skills are the keystones of daily life.

4. Be part of something

We strive to motivate individuals by imparting the core values found in rugby - camaraderie, honesty, loyalty, hard work, commitment, teamwork, discipline, and respect.

Rugby, a Sport for All

Rugby is a truly universal sport for all shapes and sizes, girls and boys, men and women of all ages and abilities to play. There is a level of participation for everyone to enjoy. Involvement in team sport need not end after high school or college!


Rugby plays a prominent and continuing role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, allowing players to enjoy a whole lifetime of sporting participation with player ages ranging from 6-65.


You will find every kind of body type, playing styles and skills in a typical team, but for all that the team has to play as one on the field. Even though there are 15 players in a team you need the whole squad and coaches working together to compete and win a game.