We might play rugby and strive to be the very best on the field for 80 minutes on a Saturday, but just as important is what we do off the field both as a club and as individual players. It’s “the stuff people don’t see”, (TSPDS) -

a phrase first coined by the Saracens, which were a part of Seattle Rugby at one point.


We want to acknowledge and recognize all of the unrelenting hard work that the players, volunteers, and members do day-to-day, for the club and out in the community, and “off the ball”. It builds club culture, keeps us humble, and creates a family identity. It’s TSPDS.


Seattle Rugby accepts the challenge to be champions on the field, provide rugby for all age groups and abilities, help our community, build friendships, create opportunities, and support families. Together we want to share the great core values of rugby which are - friendship, respect, hard work, tolerance, and camaraderie and always recognize TSPDS.