Sarries Announces New Relationship with Rugby Academy Ireland

Seattle Saracens is excited to announce a new working relationship with Rugby Academy Ireland.

Director of Rugby Academy Ireland, Dan van Zyl said; “Our CORE project is specifically designed to help clubs with long term development in relation to their coaches and players through workshops so that the Coaching Program is player centered.

We want to offer Seattle Saracen players the opportunity to participate in our Academy Program, whether that is for a week, a month, off season or for the whole season. Additionally, we can act as a venue for your club whenever visiting Ireland on a tour.

We also want to establish an avenue for our graduating players the opportunity to go and play in the US”.

Seattle President, Kevin Flynn said; “One of our main goals at Seattle Saracens is to provide opportunities for young men and women. Having a strong connection in a first tier rugby nation is a great opportunity for our players. Having the chance to share ideas, players and coaches with organizations overseas provides more opportunities for all involved. We have young players that would very much benefit from playing overseas and we would hope we could provide the same opportunity for Irish players and coaches here in Seattle. After all one of Seattle’s sister cities is Galway, Ireland!”

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