Seattle Saracens VS Glendale

On January 23rd Seattle Saracens will play the Glendale Raptors at Magnuson Park, Seattle. Kickoff is at 2:45pm.

Seattle Saracens Elite (US ranked #1) are the BC 1st division champions. Glendale Raptors Elite (US ranked #3) are the PRP Champions. If previous encounters are anything to go by then the scene is set for a competitive and entertaining day of rugby.

The day will also see the Seattle Saracen Women's Elite take on the Glendale Raptor Women's Elite. This should be another great clash as the Seattle's Elite Women are the 2015 Division 1 USA 15s champions and Glendale Raptors Women's Elite are the USA premier league 2014 champions. This has all the hallmarks of being a fantastic game of rugby. Kickoff is at 1pm.

Seattle Saracens first played Glendale Raptors in 2008 to celebrate the completion of Glendale's new purpose built rugby stadium in Colorado. At the time the director of Rugby for Glendale Raptors was Mark Bullock who just happens to be a Seattle rugby club alumnus. The game was closely fought showcasing competitive tier 1 west coast rugby. The game, which was broadcast by ESPN, resulted in a Seattle victory at 32-29.

These are eagerly anticipated games not just because of their significance in the national rankings but also because it brings together two teams with a shared and interwoven rugby history.

This year will see the introduction of the legends cup to honor a longstanding rugby leader for the club that is hosting the game. He or She will have contributed time and effort to success of rugby both on and off the field. They will embody the traditional values of rugby and sportsmanship of the game. They will be honored at the game and on the website celebrating their contribution to the game of rugby.

We hope to see you there to support your Seattle Saracens and join the day's festivities and celebration of tier 1 USA rugby

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