Rugby in the Community - High Schools Outreach Program

Since 1966 Seattle Saracens has been proud to be a rugby club in this great city. Together we want to share the great core values of rugby which are - friendship, respect, hard work, tolerance, and camaraderie. We want to use the power of sport to empower young people to make positive life choices. All Seattle Saracens Community programs  are focused to play an important part in improving people’s lives irrespective of age, ability or gender.

What are our High School Program aims?

  • Enhancement of the lives of young people through the sport of rugby.    

  • Promote physical activity and positive lifestyle messages. 

  • To support effective, positive educational messages which address key social issues.


School Visits:

Rugby is a game for everyone – everyone can play it and every school student can take part in it. If you would like a visit from our community coaches to enhance learning, the club will provide, (at no charge) a player or coach to present to students at your school. We are committed to providing positive role models within our community. We will share first hand our elite players’ and coaches’ positive experiences gained through rugby and explain how being part of a truly global sports family can open new doors, create new opportunities and expand students' horizons.

Seattle Saracens has a diverse group of men and women players and certified coaches who come from many different areas in our local community, around the United States and overseas. This diversity has provided us with a rich culture within our club and also provided many positive, life-changing opportunities for those who are involved in rugby and our club. 

Opportunities for Students:

We are confident that your students will, like the players and coaches that will represent us at your school, find many opportunities for themselves within the sport of rugby both on and off the field.

  • Read how rugby impacted a top players' life here

  • Opportunity to play in France seized by this player here


Rugby Provides Opportunities to:

  • Forge new friendships.

  • Continue to play regular sport after school & college.

  • Employment/career opportunities, from companies and members who support the rugby club/community.

  • Opportunity to travel. Play games around North America and even internationally.

  • Pathway to play professional rugby and to represent your country internationally, at the Olympics or Rugby World Cup.

  • Be involved in community programs.

​Ultimately, we look forward to growing our rugby family and build relationships with all those who value this great sport and all it can offer both on and off the field, for players and supporters. Rugby is a truly universal sport for all shapes and sizes, girls and boys, men and women of all ages and abilities to play. There is a level of participation for everyone to enjoy.

More About Rugby:

  • Learn about the club's rich heritage here

  • Discover more about the game and values of rugby here

Club President, Kevin Flynn states; "What we're beginning to understand is that for our young people to really succeed in life, they need a wide range of character traits and skillsets to prepare them for further education, work and society as a whole." He added; "We believe that rugby possesses the very core values that we can take from the sport and transfer both into the classroom and into a practical and healthy activity for these young people."

We look forward to having you join the growing rugby family and experience a fun and rewarding journey!


For more information about how we can make a positive contribution to students in your high school or to book a visit, contact us using the form below.

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Seattle Saracens players, Sadie Houston & Dion Crowder interviewed at Rainier Beach H.S