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Margaret Hayes of club sponsor, Raymark Plumbing


Raymark has consistently employed rugby players and eagerly supported the rugby community for over 20 years. We at Raymark are grateful to have this valuable relationship with such an extraordinary group of team-oriented and confident individuals. These employees have been a tremendous asset to our company and we look forward to continuing this partnership through RugbyWorks.

Christian O’Meara, the CEO of Logic 20/20

Athletes make incredible employees. Rugby players are able to take the lessons they have learned on the pitch, and use them every day in the office. They come to work hard and know how it feels to be supported. They know how to recover from a loss, and come back stronger. They know the importance of teamwork and the fact that a true team effort makes use of every player. Within every team or organization, each individual has value, and wins are more satisfying when everyone has a chance to contribute. Rugby players also value community and go above and beyond to support those around them. Many of our employees make it a priority to participate in our volunteer committee and give back in a variety of ways. We provide coaching and mentoring for organizations primarily focused on youth. We do this through sports, academics, and social environments.


David Bruck, the CEO of Baobab Foods


I've been in the wholesale distribution of various chemicals for many years.  From the start, I have hired rugby people. They are usually under 30, they are team players, generally well educated, self-motivated and committed to doing a good job. Virtually everyone has been loyal and worked for the good of the company. I have been able to put them into the position of responsibility and let them grow and excel.  If they were a bad fit, we dealt with that in a reasonable manner and tried to find other places for them. I highly value people with a rugby background and will continue to hire them if I have a need for more people.

Gareth Wade, the Chief Revenue Officer of Zonar Systems


Why do rugby players make great employees? Camaraderie, respect, hard work, honesty, teamwork, and discipline. Rugby players possess and live by many of those key attributes of the sport. They bring them every day to the workplace. Rugby players are used to making quick and tough decisions on the field that can change everything for the whole team. In rugby, everyone on the team needs to be good at many things. Every team and every organization needs specialists but the best team players, whether on the pitch or in the office, need to be able to understand an entire context and have the skills and know-how to step in where needed.


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